Seo In Guk Designated As Honorary Ambassador for the Ulsan Police Department

Congratulations to Seo In Guk! On May 15 at 4pm, Seo In Guk was designated as an honorary police officer and honorary ambassador for the Ulsan police department. More specifically he was designated as an honorary ambassador for “Eradicating the 4 Societal Evils.”

Seo In Guk took part in the ceremony in police uniform and was all smiles. He stated at the event, “I am happy that I can lend a hand to my hometown Ulsan, I will put in a lot of interest in order to help cut down Ulsan’s school violence and help eradicate the 4 societal evils.” Seo In Guk will act as an honorary ambassador for two years.

A representative of the Ulsan Police Department stated, “Seo In Guk is a celebrity from Ulan, he also has the image of being well mannered and earnest. We believe that he will give a good influence to teenagers and citizens of the area.”