Seo In Young Thankful for Good Responses for New Album “Forever Young”

On May 15, Seo In Young wrote on twitter, “I was so nervous until right before my album was released, but now that it is released, I feel really great. I am thankful that it’s been receiving positive reviews from critics and a warm reception from the public. Oh and I forgot to mention this: Congratulations Baek Ji Young on your pregnancy!” She added a photo of herself to this post.

The revealed picture shows Seo In Young wearing an all-black outfit, sitting on a table, and looking chic as she is looking at the camera with a sexy gaze.

She released mini album “Forever Young” at noon on May 15. The album and its title song “Let’s Break Up” have been ranked very highly various online music charts almost immediately after the release. 

Netizens welcomed Seo In Young’s come back with warm greetings, “Congratulations on your comeback!” “I love ‘Let’s Break Up,'” “Your new song is so sad,” “Just what I expected from her,” and “Aw what a friendship between Seo In Young and Baek Ji Young!”