Original Idol Project Group H.J.g.R. Releases MV Cover of NRG’s “May I Love You”

Get ready for a blast to the past! The original idol project group, H.J.g.R., released their music video cover of the 1998 NRG song “May I Love You” or “I Can Do It” through the official LOEN Entertainment YouTube channel.

H.J.g.R. stands for H.O.T.Sechs Kies (The original korean pronunciation uses a “j” sound) – g.o.d – and NRG. The members are from the cast of the cable variety show, “20th Century Boys” and is made up of Moon Hee Jun, Tony Ahn, Eun Ji Won, Danny Ahn, and Chun Myung Hoon. The members chose the song, produced the choreography, and recorded the songs themselves.

“May I Love You” was originally sung by NRG in 1998. H.J.g.R. uses similar backgrounds and shots from the original music video. Get ready for a lot of very bright close ups, colored contacts, and wigs.

You can watch both the cover and the original version below!