T-ara N4 Shares Video From Los Angeles Meet and Greet

Who got to meet T-ara N4 in Los Angeles?

On May 14 T-ara‘s sub unit T-ara N4 held a meet and greet for Vlado Footwear in Los Angeles. K-Pop and T-ara fans lined up to see the girl group face to face and get their posters and albums signed. Vlado Footwear shared a video of the event through their official YouTube channel.

In the video we see not only T-ara N4 for but also their newest and yet to official debut member, Dani. T-ara N4 are dressed in their “Countryside Diaries” promotional outfits while Dani is simply dressed in a whit top and jean shorts. The girls check out the merchandise from the Vlado Footwear store and give a short message (the video has subs) while Dani translates. The girls, including Dani, then sign autographs for the fans that waited in the long lines.