Son Ho Young Talks About Previous Car Accident with a Drunk Driver

Wow Son Ho Young talked about a scary incident! He recently spoke up about a past car accident with a drunk driver. On the May 16 episode of SBS “Star Bubu Show Honey,” (Star Married Couple Show Honey) Son Ho Young stated, “One time while I was a part of G.O.D. I was on my way back home after finishing up my schedule and I got into a car accident.”

Son Ho Young added, “A car came and hit the side of our car. Our car spun around 360 degrees and the car hood was damaged. The other driver was drunk. We had stated that we would both go straight to police office, but the other driver did not come.”

Son Ho Young ended with, “The other driver came to the police office sober. He had already sobered up so, we ended up just treating it as a normal car accident.”