Im Siwan of ZE:A Wears Pink Underwear

Im Siwan of ZE:A’s unit group ZE:A Five shared some very interesting news! It looks like he wears pink underwear?!?! Im Siwan said the weird news on the cable channel MBC Music’s “All The K-Pop.” On the show, Im Siwan talked about his “obsession” with the color pink.

On “All The K-Pop” Im Siwan showed all of the things that he had which were all pink. The other members of ZE:A Five said, “Im Siwan’s underwear is also pink.” They then added, “He looks pretty and good looking so he looks great in pink.”

Well it looks as though Im Siwan isn’t the only member with a weird obsession. The member Dong Jun enjoys leopard patterns. The other ZE:A Five members stated, “He loves leopard patterns and is obsessed with it. However, he cannot wear a see-through leopard pattern underwear that he received from fans.”