9 Muses Forced to Change Costumes for “Music Bank” Deemed Too Sexual

This will be a bit of sad news for 9 Muses fans. Interestingly enough, the 9 Muses had to suddenly change their costumes as an emergency. (Recently they also had some trouble because their music video and teaser for the music video was deemed explicit)

Today on May 17, they will appear on a performance of KBS2 “Music Bank” with their new mini album’s title song “Wild.” On this day, they were going to perform Park Ji Yoon’s popular song “Coming of Age Ceremony.” The reason for this is that, the May 17 show of “Music Bank” is a 700th show special, where each group/singer will be doing one of their songs and one song from one of their seniors.

The 9 Muses, wore the same type of costume that Park Ji Yoon did for her performances with “Coming of Age Ceremony.” However, the production team of “Music Bank” stated that, “They look too sexual” and asked that the costumes be changed.