TV Program Visits CNBlue’s Hotel Room While They’re Sleeping

On May 18, KBS’s “Entertainment Relay” aired a segment where the program’s crew surprised the members of CNBlue with a special visit to their hotel.

When the crew went inside CNBlue’s room, they found all the members resting and Jung Yong Hwa sleeping in bed. When he realized that they had visitors, Jung Yong Hwa woke up with a surprise and started to check his face hurriedly on the camera. However, despite the fact that he just woke up, Jung Yong Hwa still looked handsome.

On the other hand, Kang Min Hyuk and Lee Jong Hyun did not appear to care if their bare faces were seen. They continued to rest and play the guitar comfortably. However when the camera got close, Kang Min Hyuk made everyone laugh as he said, “But I would like to look good on the screen.”