New Albums And Singles Preview – 2013 May Week 3

Shinhwa Vol. 11 – The Classic (released)

01 Okay
02 Guy I Know
03 This Love
04 Scarface
05 New Me
06 Laughing and….
07 Mannequin
08 Hurricane
09 I Gave You
10 Love Song

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Shinhwa returns after a year with their eleventh full-length album, “The Classic,” marking their fifteenth anniversary. There are ten songs, including the titular, “This Love.” This dance track is about wanting to win a girl’s love so that he may love her endlessly. Other songs included in the album are “Okay,” “Hurricane,” “New Me,” and “I Gave You,” all of which member, Lee Minwoo took part in penning the lyrics to.

Seo In Young – Forever Young (released)

01 I Want You Back
02 Anymore
03 Let’s Break Up
04 Letter
05 Let’s Dance
06 Anymore (Remix)
07 Let’s Break Up INST

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Seo In Young comes before fans once more with a new mini-album, “Forever Young.” There are five tracks in which the singer hopes to showcase her vocals more than anything else. The title track is “Let’s Break Up,” an acoustic number with lyrics about a woman who knows she needs to suggest breakup first even though she knows how much it will hurt.

Yoon Gun (single) – Back To You (released)

01 Back to You

Yoon Gun releases a new single, “Back To You,” which will be used as the theme song for the mini drama, “Yoon Gun’s British Memories.” This vintage number has British 90’s rock sounds.

Zi-A, Han Byul (single) – With Coffee (released)

01 With Coffee

Zi-A and Led Apple’s Hanbyul have come together for digital single, “With Coffee.” This medium-tempo track is expected to relax the minds and hearts of listeners. The song holds lyrics which compare one’s lover with syrup and macchiato.

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