What Does Uee Look Like Right After She Wakes Up?

Once again, After School’s Uee showed off her natural beauty through her bare face! On the episode of SBS’ “Barefoot Friends” broadcast on May 19, the celebrities that make an appearance talked about the hardships of the “Indonesian Self-Sufficiency Trip.”

The production team of the show began to awake the members of “Barefoot Friends” who had just gone through their busy schedules. When Uee was woken up she could barely open her eyes. Uee showed her bare face that was slightly swollen.

Netizens that came across Uee’s bare face stated, “Uee’s bare face is good enough to be shown on television,” “I am so surprised at Uee’s bare face,” and “She really had good skin. There is a reason that Uee’s bare face continues to be revealed on this broadcast.”

This is not the first time that Uee has appeared on “Barefoot Friends” showing her bare face. She is certainly a natural beauty with lots of confidence!