Shinhwa Keeps Old Promise to 2PM

Shinhwa congratulated 2PM on their comeback by keeping an old promise.

On May 16, 2PM‘s Wooyoung posted on twitter, “I was a little skeptical but they kept their promise! Wow, Shinhwa’s the best of the best! We will cheer for ‘This Love.’ Thank you!” and uploaded a picture along with this comment. The picture shows neatly packaged food with a sticker that reads, “Congratulations on your comeback, 2PM! Jun.K/Nichkhun/Taecyeon/Wooyoung/Junho/Chansung Fighting! From. Shinhwa,” on the packaging.

Last year, Shinhwa and 2PM appeared on MBC “God of Victory” together and competed against each other. At the time, Shinhwa promised, “If we lose tonight, we will prepare food for 2PM.”

Meanwhile, Shinhwa released their eleventh album “The Classic” on May 16. Their title song, “This Love,” topped seven major music streaming charts in Korea within just three hours of release.