Bae Soo Bin Announces Marriage With Graduate Student 8 Years Younger

Actor Bae Soo Bin is getting married!

On May 21, his agency stated, “Bae Soo Bin found his life partner who is eight years younger and will get married this fall.” Bae Soo Bin first met his fiancee last year through an acquaintance and they started dating at the beginning of this year.

“Their two families met on May 19 and decided to get married within October,” his agency revealed. “They decided to get married after dating for six months, which shows just how much they love each other.”

The agency gave its input regarding the fiancee, “She’s a good-natured and accomplished graduate student. She seems to be faithful and very considerate as well as good-natured.”

Bae Soo Bin adds, “We’ll make sure to not let down everyone’s interest. As an actor and as a family man, I’ll do my best to show a better self.”

Regarding wedding details, the agency revealed, “The details aren’t finalized yet. We’ll send out a press release later on.”