Vibe Performs Their 5th Album Songs at the “Melon Premier Live Showcase”

After being on hiatus for three years, ballad duo Vibe has made their comeback with their fifth album, “Organic Sound.”

The talented duo held a showcase where they performed tracks from “Organic Sound” for the “Melon Premier Live Showcase.” They have released their videos from their showcase through the official LOEN Entertainment YouTube channel.

The showcase comes in three parts. In the first part Vibe sings “For the Last Time” and “Spring Rain.” “For the Last Time” has a calm melody about sentimental longings, and “Spring Rain” is about the farewells and longings that come with the Spring.

For the second part they sing the more upbeat “Apgujeong Station Exit. 4” (Featuring Lyn) and “Love Me Once Again.” The former song is a fun song that speaks frankly about plastic surgery, and during the showcase Vibe had several members from the audience participate. “Love Me Once Again” will seem familiar to Vibe fans because it was their debut song.

The last section has the duo performed their main track “As I’m Getting Older.” Afterward, Ryu Jae Hyun and Yoon Min Soo talk about how they felt about their comeback and the showcase. You can also watch the full music for “As I’m Getting Older” here.