2PM Members are Friends on Vacation in “Vogue Korea” Pictorial

2PM recently exhibited their signature masculine charms through a photo shoot.

After a two-year hiatus from the Korean music market, 2PM returned with their 3rd full-length album, “Grown.” They have recently posed for the fashion magazine, “Vogue Korea” to talk about their come back and their current updates.

The concept of this photo shoot is “friends on vacation” as the 2PM members show off their closeness and their matured, manly attraction.

2PM also shared their thoughts on their musical goals and showed a mature musician image. They also had a fun time talking about the opposite sex as men in their twenties.

2PM also talked about the choreography for “Come Back To Me After Hearing This Song.” They said, “Non-Korean choreographers were making the dance for us so we had to translate the lyrics for them. But since they couldn’t know 100% of the meaning, they made a part of the dance smiling and clapping, even though the song is about regretting and hurting. But we thought that had a strangely positive effect so we stuck to it.”

This photo shoot and interview can be found in the June edition of “Vogue Korea.” The making film will be uploaded on the Vogue homepage as well as the Vogue Korea YouTube channel.