Ryu Shi Won Responds to Being Prosecuted for Tracking and Assaulting His Wife

Actor Ryu Shi Won is being prosecuted by the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office for assault and placing a tracking device on his wife’s car without her knowing. 

According to the prosecutors, in May of 2011 Ryu Shi Won attached a GPS tracking device to his wife’s Mercedes-Benz and collected information on her goings and whereabouts for approximately eight months. When in August of that year his wife confronted him about the GPS tracker, the actor responded, “Are you kidding me? I’ll kill you.” He then hit her face with his hands. He threatened “I know a lot of bad people. Where ever you go, whatever you do, I can get take a picture of it. I am a scary man.” A month later Ryu Shi Won attached another tracking device on his wife’s cellphone, to gather more information on her locations. 

To these accusations, the actor took to his own personal Facebook to reveal his thoughts. “Although this is a case where the truth is unjustly buried, this is not the truth. Let’s go to the end. For the truth…The world is quite…”

In a more official statement through his agency’s press release he said, “I am very surprised and embarrassed. In addition there is no way to hide my feelings of being unjustly accused. Domestic violence cannot be allowed in any case, and I will say again that there is no truth in the accusations. In my frustrated and victimized feelings, I will call this in court wholeheartedly…Although we think this is not an urgent matter, for my daughter and I, and the people close to me, we will reveal the hidden truth. We would like to request that the one sided claims and alleged reports be refrained from now on.”

Ryu Shi Won married his wife in 2010 and in March of 2012 she filed for divorce. The two have one daughter. 

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