Tiger JK Donates Back to Yonsei University Students

Hip hop artist Tiger JK decided to donate his performance fee back to the school.

He has rarely appeared in college festivals in the past year and one of his friends had to practically beg him before he finally agreed to perform at Yonsei University along with his wife Yoon Mi Rae (aka T) and Bizzy.

Tiger JK was going receiving treatment for his illness while preparing for his album during the past year. He felt sorry for making the fans wait for so long so he decided to give back his performance fee to the school.

“It’s been a long time since I performed at a college festival and I think that I was able to feel the students’ great energy and youth,” he said. “Just like how everyone’s a star at this festival, I want to donate the appearance fee back to the school so it can strive to create a better atmosphere for its students.”

His agency stated, “The students’ reactions was so great it felt like a concert and he was able to give a wonderful performance. He wanted to relay the good intentions of label’s artists and will talk with the university so that the donation can be put to good use.”