MBLAQ’s G.O Playfully Says After School’s Jooyeon Has a Personality Disorder

MBLAQ‘s G.O recently revealed After School Jooyeon‘s true personality.

On May 22, the press conference for KBS 2TV’s “Couple Clinic – Love and War 2 – Idol Special Part 2” was held where G.O spoke about Jooyeon’s true personality.

Out of the many topics discussed on this day, G.O displayed his close friendship with Jooyeon. He playfully said, “Jooyeon and I are the same age and she’s very capricious to the point where she could have a personality disorder,” and “She is perfect for ‘Love and War.’ I recommend her.”

As soon as G.O said those words, Jooyeon’s true personality became a top searched keyword on various portals.

Meanwhile, the “Love and War 2 – Idol Special Part 2” that stars Jooyeon, G.O and Rainbow‘s Go Woori will air on May 24.