Baek Ji Young Collaborates with Brave Brother for Fun Summer Dance Single

Baek Ji Young revealed the album jacket cover for her upcoming single, “Remember.”

On May 23, Brave Entertainment posted the photo on its official website. As soon as news of Baek Ji Young’s collaboration with Brave Brother hit the Web, many fans left messages of support on Baek Ji Young and Brave Entertainment’s twitter accounts and other SNS outlets.

In the revealed photo, Baek Ji Young is wearing a lacy dress and has her hair put down in long waves. She looks elegant, pure but sexy at the same time.

Baek Ji Young is known to be a hit-maker with her signature voice, especially with drama OSTs. Therefore, the public is highly anticipating this new single but unfortunately, Baek Ji Young announced that she will not be actively promoting the track due to her pregnancy and wedding preparations.

Baek Ji Young’s agency commented, “There will not be a music video or other promotional activities for ‘Remember’ but please think of this as Baek Ji Young’s last summer gift to the public before her wedding”

“Remember” has a modern disco sound and has a fun, catchy and upbeat melody. “Remember” will be released on May 24.