Fake PSY Dupes Celebrities at Cannes Film Festival!

So what do you get when you dress up an Asian with PSY’s body type as PSY and put him in one of the world’s premiere international film festivals? A fake PSY that gets to hang out with the world’s celebrities that’s what!

Interestingly enough, news sources reported that on May 23, a fake PSY walked around the 66th Cannes Film Festival singing “Gangnam Style” and doing the horse dance. This fake PSY even had three bodyguards! He was able to trick numerous celebrities and drink fancy wine in club VIP rooms.

PSY tweeted about the incident, “seems like there’s another ME at cannes…say Hi to him @scooterbraun lol #PSYinSINGAPORE.”

As you can see in a picture below, the fake PSY fooled Naomie Harris who plays “Miss Moneypenny” in the film Skyfall