Akdong Musician to Sign with YG Entertainment!

Wow exciting news for Akdong Musician fans! The winners of SBSK-Pop Star” season 2 have finally decided which agency they will join! They have decided to join YG Entertainment! YG Entertainment stated on May 24 through an official press release, “Within a few days we plan on finishing the official contract. We can’t tell you the details of the contract but we have met with the parents of Akodng Musician and have finished contract negotiations that went well.”

The reason that the news of the contract came a bit late was because the siblings that makeup Akdong Musician are minors. (They required their parents’ consent)

Akdong Musician stated through YG, “We have thought that the best entertainment agency that would be able to support our music was YG. We wish to make good music in a good environment.”