HyunA is a Gorgeous California Girl for “G by Guess”

HyunA turned into a very pretty Californian girl as the model for the casual brand “G by Guess.”

The pictures are for the summer part of the brand’s s/s line, continuing the theme of “Fun Design, Sexy Style.” Like her other pictorials for “G by Guess,” HyunA manages the perfect combination of cute and sexy. The clothing for this line is perfect for any fun summer activity. There are girly flowered skirts for summer dates and loose t-shirts for some relaxing time in the sand.

She looks well fitted for the Californian theme with her strawberry blonde hair. In one photo, HyunA holds a skateboard and shows off her abs in a cut off t-shirt. 

HyunA was recently admitted to the hospital but now has recovered and has already rejoined the other 4Minute members on stage