Hyosung Says Her Ideal Type Is a Faithful Man

On May 24, SECRET member Hyosung made a guest appearance on KBS 2TV’s “Full House” where she revealed that her ideal type is a faithful man who does not cheat.

The theme of the show that day was “Gold Miss” and in the midst of pitching and answering questions, MC Lee Kyung Kyu asked Hyosung, “You’re still single – what’s a quality you must have in your ideal guy?” 

After pausing to think for a moment, Hyosung answered, “He has to be faithful.” She explained, “I’ve heard that love is not enough to support a marriage. But if a couple is loyal to one another, then they can make their marriage work.”

When asked what type of guys she disliked, she replied, “I don’t like guys who cheat on women.”