Tony Ahn Blushes When His Girlfriend Hyeri Is Mentioned

On the recent episode of MBC’s “Sebakwi,” which was aired on May 25, various stars appeared including Lee Sang Yong, Lee Sang In, Tony Ahn, Choi Philip, Yum Gyung Hwan, and Hong Suk Chun. The theme of this show was “Manly Men.”

During the show, Tony Ahn announced, “I received an order from the Promotion Division to promote program ‘Sebakwi.’ Reporting for duty.”

To Tony Ahn’s enthusiastic remark, MC Lee Hwi Jae teased him as he said, “You look really great nowadays. You must be in love.” To Lee Hwi Jae’s not-so-subtle mention of his current relationship, Tony Ahn blushed and smiled.

Meanwhile since March this year, Tony Ahn started dating group Girls’ Day’s member Hyeri, who is 16 years younger than him.