4minute to Extend Promotions for “What Is Your Name?”

Awesome news for 4minute fans! It looks as though 4minute will be extending their promotions for their “What Is Your Name?” A representative of Cube Entertainment (4minute’s entertainment agency) stated on May 24, “Because of the big love that fans have given 4minute, we have decided to extend the promotions of ‘What Is Your Name?’ a bit.”

A representative of the agency continued, “Currently this song is continuing to maintain high ratings on music charts, and is going out for the long run. That is why we have decided to extend their promotions. We are still discussing the details of how long they will continue to promote, we have not decided which song they will promote next.”

The representative ended with, “4minute has comeback after 1 year and we plan on repaying the big love that they have received through active promotions.”

On June 1, 4minute’s “What Is Your Name?” reached #1 on Billboard’s K-Pop Charts.