Song Ji Hyo Says Gary Is Better-Looking Than Kim Soo Hyun

On May 26, actors Lee Hyun Woo and Kim Soo Hyun joined “Running Man” members for a special “Flower Boy Athletics Competition” episode.

On that day, Song Ji Hyo, Ji Suk Jin and Gary were on one team and riding in a car to the next location for their mission. During the car ride Ji Suk Jin commented, “Looks like I ended up third-wheeling the ‘Monday Couple'” and “Since we have male guests, Gary must be feeling pretty jealous right now.”

Song Ji Hyo comforted Gary saying, “Well, I think Gary is better-looking than Kim Soo Hyun. On Mondays, Gary is the best-looking guy.” Gary who heard the conversations while driving said, “Thank you, Ji Hyo. I live a hard life from Tuesday through Friday and then I look forward to the show on Mondays with the hope that you and I could be something.” He also joked, “I feel like I’m going on a trip with my girlfriend and her father right now” causing everyone to burst into laughter.