“Gu Family Book” Actress Suzy Talks About Her “Cherry Blossom Sword” Technique

On May 26, MBC‘s “Section TV Celebrity Talk” interviewed miss A member Suzy about her role in “Gu Family Book” as Lady Yeo Wool. 

On that day, Suzy was asked to describe what it was like to perform the “Cherry Blossom Sword” technique as Dam Yeo Wool on “Gu Family Book.” 

Suzy said, “After recording the ‘Cherry Blossom Sword’ technique, people complimented me on how naturally I seemed to brandish the sword.” She continued, “I think I practiced that scene a countless number of times. Afterward, my legs just started to feel shaky. Whenever you have to act in action scenes, you always have to concentrate on matching your partner’s moves. But when after a while, your facial expressions start to look strange.”

Suzy also added, “If ‘Gu Family Book’ receives 23% viewership ratings, I will dress up as Lady Yeo Wool and do a sexy dance!”