Nichkhun Brings His Mother on Television Show and Makes Another Apology

2PM member Nichkhun recently made a guest appearance on “Mamma Mia” along with his mother to talk about the aftermath of the accident Nichkhun caused as a result of his ‘driving under the influence.’

On May 26, on a special edition of the show called “Sons Over Flowers,” Nichkhun shared, “After the accident, for a month and a half I volunteered at facilities for disabled children. From that experience, I was able to take away a great lesson.”

Nichkhun’s mother also added, “As Nichkhun’s mother, I would like to apologize to the fans who are disappointed in Nichkhun from this unfortunate event. Please consider giving Nichkhun another chance to be a better person and I hope you will give him your love and interest once again.”

Nichkhun’s mother also demonstrated some of the moves from 2PM’s newest track “Self Skinship,” which drew great interest from viewers and netizens alike.