More Details of Seo Taiji’s Home Revealed

It was previously reported that Seo Taiji spent roughly $5 million on his new home with fiance Lee Eun Sung, who is sixteen years younger.

On May 23, the panelists on JTBC’s talk show “Ssulzun” discussed details of Seo Taiji’s home in Pyeongchang-dong. Lawyer Kang Yong Suk revealed, “Seo Taiji’s house is 300 pyong (about 10,675 square feet) and the floor space is 100 pyong (about 3,558 square feet).”

He continued, “There’s a sports car near the entrance. It seems like this was considered since the designing stage and the house’s design was updated to accommodate it.”

Reporter Huh Ji Woong said, “There’s an automatic elevator inside the house. He has an automatic system set in place throughout the house to minimize contact with the outside like package deliveries and mail.”

He followed, “There’s a swimming pool inside the house and a separate room just for his remote control car collection.”