YG Decorates Whole Building for CL’s Upcoming Solo Album

2NE1 CL Fans can you take the wait? In less than 24 hours now, CL will release her single “The Baddest Female.” (The release will be on May 28) Today as a teaser, an M/V counter was put up on YG’s official blog “www.yg-life.com.”

It looks as though YG is going all out with promoting the album. As you can see in the pictures below, YG Entertainment decorated their office building in order to help promote CL’s upcoming solo album! The theme of the whole building is now “The Baddest Female.”

“The Baddest Female” is a slow hip hop song with a BPM of 70 and dubstep elements. The song is written by none other than Teddy. Look forward to hearing CL’s powerful rap for the song!

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