Lee Hyori Attempts A Swift Kick to Eunhyuk’s Butt for His Smart Aleck Comment

Doesn’t matter if you’re an idol loved by fans from many countries. Lee Hyori will show her “bad girl” side if you get on her wrong side.

On May 26, SBS’s variety program “Barefoot Friends” aired an episode where Lee Hyori made a special guest appearance. She was talking with the fixed members of the show when she made a remark to Kim Hyun Joong, “Recently saw that you changed your ideal type .” They were in the same agency in the past.

She went on, “Tell me” and he answered slightly awkwardly, “No, I didn’t change.” Lee Hyori mentioned, “But I saw an interview and you changed your ideal type.” Kim Hyun Joong quickly responded, “No. No.”

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk responded with a witty comment, “He said that his ideal type is the old Lee Hyori.” The featured guest immediately aimed a few kicks to his rear for such comment and it created much laughter on set.