Nichkhun Makes the Most Dough in 2PM!

Well it looks like in terms of who makes the most money, Nichkhun is really a prince! 2PM revealed that Nichkhkun makes the most money out of the 2PM members! On the May 27 broadcast of Mnet’s “Beatle’s Code 2,” 2PM and Dick Punks will reveal the members of their respective groups that make the most money.

For the broadcast, 2PM’s Junho, Chansung, and Jun.K appeared alongside Dick Punks. When asked who made the most money in 2PM, the 2PM members answered Nichkhun. They added, “Nichkhun makes the most money because he has a lot of solo activities in Thailand.”

Chansung added, “Actually, even though there is a difference it doesn’t amount to much, so it is hard to make an accurate ranking.” Junho added, “In the past, the members split up the money that individual members made through their activities. However, the members requested for a change, so our payment calculation has changed accordingly.”

Kim Tae Hyun of Dick Punks stated that they will know how much they are getting paid in July, so they do not know who made the most money yet.