“Superstar K’s” Kim Ji Soo Is Unrecognizable After a Successful Diet

On his acquaintance’s Twitter on May 23, “Superstar K’s” contestant Kim Ji Soo uploaded several photos along with a message, “Even after eating a huge burger like this, I exercised and successfully lost weight. I am now below 70kg!”

In the pictures, Kim Ji Soo is enjoying a large burger. Unlike his previous larger frame, Kim Ji Soo now shows off an unrecognizably slimmed down figure.

His agency stated, “He ate as much as he wanted and exercised three hours per day. He has finally reached below 70kg, but he is now an exercise addict. We are worried that he is pushing himself.”

Netizens who saw these photos commented, “Is this really Kim Ji Soo?” “He looks sexy and sharp now,” and “Where can I get that burger?”

Meanwhile, Kim Ji Soo released his single “Don’t Let Me Go” on May 27, 2013.