Solbi Admits to Being a Victim of “Yoon Hoo Fever”

Singer Solbi recently revealed that she has fallen for Yoon Hoo‘s adorable charms on “Dad, Where Are You Going?

On May 25, male duo Vibe member and Yoon Hoo’s father, Yoon Min Soo, from “Dad, Where Are You Going?” made an appearance on JTBC‘s “Hidden Singer.”

On that day, Bang Eun Hee, who sat on the panel, expressed her disappointment that Yoon Min Soo’s son Yoon Hoo had been unable to make an appearance that day saying, “Awww, I guess Yoon Hoo did not show up today. I even postponed my birthday party to make it today.”

Yoon Hoo currently stars on the ever-popular show “Dad, Where Are You Going?” with his father Yoon Min Soo. His innocent and adorable charms have made him a beloved member of the cast, leading to numerous commercials and headlining news articles. 

Solbi also made a guest appearance that day and revealed that she too, has been influenced by “Yoon Hoo fever.” She shared, “I originally have to make an appearance every two weeks, but in order to support Yoon Min Soo today I adjusted my schedule even though I was supposed to come out next week.”

MC Jeon Hyun Moo asked, “You even adjusted your schedule to support Yoon Min Soo? Why did you do that?” Solbi replied, “For Hoo. Is Hoo really not here today?” and caused everyone to laugh for her unending adoration for the charming kid.