Han Hye Jin Confirms Her Wedding Date

On her Twitter on May 28, actress Han Hye Jin stated, “I am to get married on July 1. We have promised ourselves to each other and decided to become husband and wife.”

She continued, “I felt frustrated with many of the false rumors. But we were always able to console each other and remind ourselves what is really important. Our upcoming union is the fruit of our trust during this difficult time. It is true that the decision to get married was made very recently. The only time we could get married is during Ki Sung Yueng’s vacation. If we do not do this now, the next chance will be next year. Next season is very important to him, so we felt that this is the right time, and that is why we decided to hurry.”

Han Hye Jin also added, “There are many who worry about my acting career, but there is no need. With the help from my husband and my agency, I hope to continue working on good projects. We currently have no plan for our honeymoon. Ki Sung Yueng will be leaving to train the next day, and I will be joining him at the end of July after working on film ‘When a Man Loves’ and the show ‘Healing Camp.’”

Han Hye Jin and Ki Sung Yueng are to be married at Intercontinental Hotel.