Won Bin Currently Considering Role in Lee Chang Dong’s Upcoming Film

Won Bin fans rejoice! Won Bin is currently in talks about appearing in one of the director Lee Chang Dong’s new films. Of course, because of the exciting news, the Korean film industry is incredibly excited.

If Won Bin decides to appear in the new Lee Chang Dong film, it will be 3 years since his last movie which was “The Man from Nowhere.” Won Bin had been considering the drama “That Winter, the Wind Blows,” but did not take it in the end.

Lee Chang Dong’s last film was “Poetry” in 2010. It is being said that he has been continuing to talk with Won Bin about his new film. Currently the new film’s scenario is being finished up by Lee Chang Dong. There still is a lot of time left before investments are made for the film, and it goes into production. It is still too early to tell if Won Bin will appear in the film after all.

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