4minute’s HyunA Confesses Three of Her Insecurities

4minute’s HyunA recently confessed three of her insecurities.

On May 29, tvN’s talk show “Baek Ji Yeon’s People Inside” aired an episode featuring HyunA and the other 4minute members. She drew a lot of attention for revealing three insecurities that she has of herself.

“Because of my cheekbones, I always have to turn my face diagonally when I laugh on camera,” HyunA said. “Alcohol is definitely an insecurity. I look like I can drink the best, but, to be honest, I can’t. I turn red even when I drink a glass so the other members tease me.”

She went on, “My voice sounds undignified and like a woodpecker. Whenever I go outside, people can’t guess who I am, but they immediately know who I am when I open my mouth. I envy deep voices like Baek Ji Yeon’s.”

Meanwhile, the other members revealed that they don’t have any super close celebrity friends.