T-ara N4 Gives Explanation to U.S. Concert Controversy

T-ara N4 was swept up in controversy regarding a recent U.S. performance. T-ara N4’s agency Core Contents Media had stated that T-ara N4 would be opening for a Chris Brown concert. However, the picture that was revealed showed T-ara being scantily clad in a small sized swimming pool. The issues that Netizens had was the fact that T-ara N4 had done a concert in a Las Vegas swimming pool and not open for Chris Brown. Netizens stated that Core Contents Media had lied!

A representative of Core Contents Media stated, “The clip that was revealed online shows T-ara performing for ‘Memorial Day Weekend 2013’ as a guest, which was planned by Chris Brown and Whiz Khalifa. It is a party that is held every year, most of the people at the party wear bikinis.”

The representative continued, “The atmosphere of the show is very free so many musicians go up on stage without their shirt on. T-ara wore a swimsuit type outfit to match the occasion. We believe the controversy was caused because of cultural differences.” 

 Tara N4