Lee Hyori and Shinhwa’s Hilarious VS. Video Clip!

On May 28, Shinhwa Company posted a clip with the title “Again 1998, SHINHWA vs LEE HYORI.” In the clip, the Shinhwa members and Lee Hyori are having a good time.

In the video clip, the Shinhwa members go to Lee Hyori and treat her like a senior. They greet her by saying, “We are Shinhwa.” Lee Hyori replies with, “Shinhwa have you come? You guys are working very hard.”

Shinhwa gives a new album to Lee Hyori. The Shinhwa members ask Lee Hyori for an album and she coolly replies, “It’s a limited edition so I will give you one when the normal album is released.”

The next screen shows, “Shinhwa debuted on March 24, 1998. Fin.K.L debuted on May 12, 1998.” The next scene shows the roles reversed around and Lee Hyori acts like a junior instead.

Check out the clip for yourself below!

 Lee Hyori