Lee Hyori Becomes Mr. Korea? Transforms Into a Man

Lee Hyori made a shocking transformation into a man.

On May 29, music video director Cha Eun Taek made two posts and included a photo each. In the first post he wrote, “Who can this be? Just oozes with elasticity. Can there be such a pretty boy? Of course, it’s Lee Hyori. Charismatic pose.”

He wrote on the second post, “One more photo… charismatic pose!!!!!!!!!! Hyori !!!!!!! hehe.”

Lee Hyori becomes a man by putting on a short wig and moustache and giving the camera a tough stare. It’s been revealed that the photos were taken on May 21 when she was temporarily resting from filming various music scenes. Industry insiders and fans alike are anticipating what kind of project will come out of such a transformation.

Lee Hyori is receiving much love through tracks “Miss Korea” and “Bad Girl” from her latest album “Monochrome.”

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