SS501’s Park Jung Min Reaches Legal Agreement with Former Agency

SS501‘s Park Jung Min finally reached a legal agreement with his former agency.

On May 28, Park Jung Min settled his lawsuit against CNR Media after the third trial was held.

The settlement officially cancels Park Jung Min’s exclusive contract with CNR Media.

Park Jung Min’s reps commented, “After speaking with his legal advisers, Park Jung Min decided to thoroughly accept his former agency’s situation and receive a compromised and realistic amount of money.”

They continued, “It was a very favorable settlement,” and “From the beginning, it wasn’t about the money but about ending the unfair practices in the entertainment world.”

Previously, Park Jung Min filed an injunction against CNR Media to end his contract due to improper distribution of profits. Two trials were held beforehand, during which an agreement could not be settled upon. But during the third trial, which was held on May 22, both sides were able to reach an agreement.

Meanwhile, Park Jung Min debuted under the name “Romeo” in Japan last September. He also released a single, “Beautiful” last November in Korea. Park Jung Min is currently working on an album in Japan at the moment.