Click-B’s Kim Sang Hyuk Arrested for Sexual Assault after Recent Discharge from Military Service

TVReport reported that Click-B‘s Kim Sang Hyuk (age 30) has been arrested for sexual assault.

On May 30, the Gangnam Police Station stated, “Kim Sang Hyuk has been arrested for sexually assaulting a certain female on the streets of Nonhyun-dong at around 11PM on May 29.”

The alleged female victim is the one who called in the police station and at the time, Kim Sang Hyuk had been drunk. It is reported that the female victim and Kim Sang Hyuk do not know each other.

The police is currently still investigating the situation. Afterwards, they will decide Kim Sang Hyuk’s penalty.

Kim Sang Hyuk debuted under the idol group Click-B in 1997. After a DUI and hit-and-run case in 2005, he suspended all activities and in 2011, he enlisted for mandatory military service.

He was discharged on May 16 of this year and was planning on returning to the entertainment industry through a fan meeting.