After School’s Nana and Jungah Show Off Their Sexy Back!

Who has the sexier back, or better legs? After School’s Nana and Jungah recently showed off their toned legs and beautiful bodies. On May 29, the After School member Ga Eun tweeted, “I bought snacks for my unnis so that they would be able to keep the heat up when they are practicing. I love you. I will practice very hard today too. Bbashya!” (Bbashya is similar to the Korean expression “Fighting!”)

The picture shows Nana and Jungah in their training gear. They are shown buying drinks and returning to their dormitory.

Netizens that have come across the picture stated, “I am envious of Nana and Jung Ah’s backline,” “Even in training gear the two look beautiful,” and “Looking at their backlines, makes me want to diet.”

Currently, through their official Facebook page, After School is running their comeback event which is titled “WHAT’S NEXT.”