JYPE’s Young Actress Kim Ji Min Cast for “Goddess of Fire”

Wow, this is good news for the young actress! Kim Ji Min who is a young actress associated with JYP Entertainment, will be appearing in the upcoming MBC Mon-Tue drama “Goddess of Fire Jung-Yi.” The drama stars Moon Geun Young, who will portray the role of Yoo Jung, who rises as the Joseon dynasty’s greatest and first female ceramic artist.

In the drama, Kim Ji Min will play the young version of Hwa Ryung. The character Hwa Ryung has spent her childhood with Yoo Jung and they grow up together.

The other actors/actresses that will be appearing in this drama are Lee Sang Yoon, Park Geon Hyung, Kim Bum, Lee Kwang Soo, Han Go Eun, Jeon Kwang Ryul, and Seo Hyun Jin.

“Goddes of Fire Jung-yi” will begin broadcasting in early July. 

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