Lee Hyori: “My Boyfriend Steals My Credit Card”

Lee Hyori’s statements on the May 29 broadcast of MBC’s “Radio Star” garnered a lot of attention. She said some hilarious things and also talked about her personal life! The other guests for the broadcast were Moon He Jun, and Kim Jong Min.

One of the MCs Yoon Jong Shin told Lee Hyori that, in the past she had said certain statements regarding her ideal type. Lee Hyori had said that she likes a man who “Secretly puts his credit card into my wallet” or “A man with a sexy spinal cord.” Lee Hyori was asked which type her boyfriend Lee Sang Soon was.

Lee Hyori answered, “He steals my card and his spinal cord is curved like an S line because he plays the guitar, that’s why it is sexy.”

At the end of the show Lee Hyori was asked, “What is Lee Sang Soon to Lee Hyori?” Lee Hyori answered, “A man that I want to be my last?” 


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