Brian: “I Tried to Commit Suicide During An Album Promotion”

Singer Brian, known for promoting as part of duo Fly to the Sky, revealed that he tried to commit suicide in the past.

Brian participated in the most recent filming of SBS’s variety talk show “Good Morning” where he talked about the difficult period during his Fly to the Sky days.

“Because I was pained and distressed while I was actively promoting as Fly to the Sky, I almost made the wrong decision,” he shared. “It was during the period when I was already a veteran in the industry. I got really lonely living the celebrity lifestyle and received a lot of stress living each day.”

He continued, “At the time, I was living with Hwanhee in an apartment located on the thirteenth floor. One day, I went out [to the balcony] and almost made the wrong choice.

Brian revealed, “But Hwanhee stopped me. I’m still thankful even now for him being near me without fail during my hardest moments.”

This episode will be aired on May 31 at 9:10pm (KST).