Yoon Hoo of “Daddy, Where Are You Going?” Reveals His Diet Secret

Rising child star Yoon Hoo recently revealed his diet secret.

Yoon Hoo, who is the son of Vibe member Yoon Min Soo, has currently been winning the hearts of viewers everywhere through the variety show, ‘Daddy, Where Are You Going?” on which a group of celebrity fathers go on weekly trips with their son or daughter. Previously on the show, Yoon Hoo had announced that he was going on a diet and was seen doing situps with his father for exercise.

In a father and son interview on MBC’s entertainment news show, “Section TV Entertainment News,” Yoon Hoo was asked what his diet secret was by the reporter, who noted that Yoon Hoo was looking slimmer than usual. 

Yoon Hoo gave an unexpected answer, bringing laughter to the set of the interview. Yoon Hoo didn’t say he was exercising more or eating less, as expected. Instead, he replied, “I had viral enteritis.”

“Daddy, Where Are You Going?” airs Sunday on MBC.