Fans Outraged Over Chris Brown's Poor Treatment Toward T-ara N4 in the US

Two YouTube videos of T-ara N4‘s performance being stopped was recently released, which angered many fans and netizens.

On May 30, two new videos of T-ara N4’s “Countryside Diaries” performance at the Palms Pool Memorial Day Weekend party were uploaded. However, their performance was cut short in the middle because of Chris Brown, who suddenly stopped the girls to promote his new single.

During T-ara N4’s performance, Chris Brown suddenly interrupted, “Hey DJ, hold up real quick, hold up,” and “We got this new record real quick. My new single featuring Aaliyah. It’s called ‘They Don’t Know.’ We might sneak peek it for you right now.”

Then he said, “We’re doing it after the girls do they thing. Keep watching.” While he was saying all of this, the ladies of T-ara could not hide their confusion and bewilderment. T-ara’s Eunjung looked back and kept saying, “What happened?” as she threw her hands up. Then the music was turned on again and the girls continued with their performance.

In the second clip, it shows T-ara N4 ending their performance but looking slightly disoriented and confused. Although there were sounds of cheers and fans yelling out their names, sounds of booing and a female voice yelling “Get off the stage” could be heard.

After watching these particular clips, fans were outraged as they commented, “T-ara N4 couldn’t avoid this humiliation because of their agency’s lack of preparation and rash decision to send them to the US,” and “[The agency] should’ve made them study English more. It seems like they can’t even get angry properly because they don’t understand what’s going on.”

Other fans commented, “He invites guests but he turns off their song in the middle to promote his own single? I can’t believe this,” “T-ara N4 is not the one who ruined the performance so why do they have to be booed?” “Did Chris Brown call them over to the US to treat them so poorly?” and many more.

T-ara N4 revealed that they were opening for Chris Brown’s party on May 20. However, on May 28, controversy first arose when clips of their performance was first uploaded due to their skin-showing outfits.

Check out the two clips below:

Source | Video credits: SturdyPineTV

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