Kim Sang Hyuk Claims He Doesn't Remember Sexually Assaulting Female

After being arrested for sexual assault, Click-B’s Kim Sang Hyuk claims that he has no memory of the event whatsoever.

On May 29, Kim Sang Hyuk was arrested for sexually assaulting a certain female civilian in Nonhyun-dong, Seoul.

According to the police, Kim Sang Hyuk was walking on the street when he saw a female civilian, grabbed her hand and said, “Let’s go somewhere.” The female civilian then proceeded to call the police. Kim Sang Hyuk and the female civilian do not know each other.

Kim Sang Hyuk says that he does not remember any of this because he was drunk. During the police investigation, Kim Sang Hyuk stated, “I was so drunk, I don’t remember anything.”

On May 30, Kim Sang Hyuk’s close source revealed that at around 8AM and said, “Kim Sang Hyuk has returned home after ending the police investigation. He said, ‘I was really drunk so I really don’t remember anything.’ He is still not completely sober yet.”

Laws for sexual assault are very serious in Korea as it could mean up to 10 years in prison and/or $15,000 USD in fines. With recent law changes, sexual assault while intoxicated may have more severe consequences.

Meanwhile, Kim Sang Hyuk was recently discharged on May 16 from his mandatory military service. Previously, he was charged with a DUI and a hit-and-run in 2005.

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