Jang Yoon Jung's Mother and Brother Appear on TV Once Again to Defend Themselves

Jang Yoon Jung‘s mother and brother recently appeared on television once again to clear up the stories of squandering Jang Yoon Jung’s savings and being in hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt.

On May 30, Jang Yoon Jung’s mother Yook Heung Bok and brother Jang Kyung Young appeared on Channel A’s “Park Jong Jin’s Cutting the Gordian Knot” and shared their side of the story once again. Jang Kyung Young even brought papers that showed his family’s expenditures for the past 10 years.

Mr. Jang stated, “After this happened, I tried to organize all of the content about our possessions. It is true that I received help from my sister for my business but I have kept my obligations for all this time.”

He continued, “About 7.3 million dollars was put into real estate, my sister’s management, family living expenses and business investments through all this time.” He also stated, “I didn’t invest in a start-up company but an existing company, which is how I started my business,” as he showed a security deposit notary of $500,000 from that particular company. He also revealed his bankbook, which showed that he transferred $3,000 as well as other advance payments to Jang Yoon Jung each month, which he used to explain that the rumors of his family squandering Jang Yoon Jung’s money is not true.

The MC Park Jong Jin then said that the following question is from Jang Yoon Jung’s agency and asked, “Is the business you have just revealed, your first business?” Then Mr. Jang replied, “I have never gone bankrupt.” Mr. Jang continued, “After misunderstandings about money started between my sister and I, I met up with my sister, her agency’s people and relatives as well as the asset management team and checked the facts. There were no problems and it was confirmed that I didn’t squander her money but my sister packed her stuff and left the house afterwards.”

Jang Yoon Jung’s mother Ms. Yook said, “Many people think of my daughter as the ‘Queen of Events’ and think she makes a lot of money. But one event brings in about $5,500. Since her debut, her earnings have been split 50/50 between the agency and her family. But because we believed in the agency CEO, I never questioned why the amount we were supposed to receive and the amount we actually did receive were different.”

Previously, Jang Yoon Jung appeared on “Healing Camp on May 20 and said, “I lost all of the money that I made and I currently have debt in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. I gave all of the money I made after my debut to my parents but after my parents got divorced, I was going through my 10 years worth of savings and discovered that it all disappeared and the only thing I had left were debts,” as she placed the blame on her brother and mother.

Jang Yoon Jung’s mother and brother also appeared on “E News and expressed their sorrows and frustration over this situation.

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