miss A’s Fei Was Unpopular During School Years Due to Her Dark Skin

On the recent episode of KBS’s “Happy Together,” which was aired on May 30, group miss A’s Fei admitted that she was not popular when she was younger. Other guests included Taecyeon, John Park, Sam Hammington, and Park Jun Gyu.

When her past photo was revealed, it showed young Fei looking adorable. However Fei stated, “I was ugly then. I was not popular at all.”

When everyone at the set showed surprise, Fei explained, “Most of the people in my town were dark-skinned. I am too. Girls with pale skin were popular.”

When MC Yoo Jae Suk asked which of the guests would be most popular in China, Fei answered, “Taecyeon has dark skin, so he wouldn’t be popular.” She then picked John Park.

Sam Hammington then insisted, “But I am Caucasian, so I would be most popular.”fei happy togeter2